The perfect jeans

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The average woman has 7 pairs of jeans. But every one of them will say which one is her favorite. Even after thousands of wears they suit her perfectly.

How to choose jeans according to our figure and why is this so hard? The reason is that every pair of jeans has a lot of parameters which should match our body: waist, thighs, length, inner seams…long gone are the baggy jeans and rectangular cut of the leg. And thank God because they do not fit anybody.

To choose the perfect jeans you should take into consideration the peculiarities of your figure. Very fashionable now are those with very high waistline, but they suit very few women because they underline the belly and create some disproportions of the figure. Here are the specialists’ advices:

Tall. Ladies with model’s measures can wear straight or tight jeans. Most important is the length to be to the ground or a little higher. Otherwise you create an impression that the jeans are too small or you are getting ready for a flood.

Wide thighs. The choice of jeans is easier than you think. Bet on a little bit loose cut to balance the figure visually. Avoid baggy jeans and outside pockets.

Short height. Your length is medium-heel. Avoid jeans with wristbands, short models and caps – they will make you even shorter.

Big bum. Do not buy jeans with low or too high waistline. Avoid models with outside pockets on the back, the back side should not have any decorations and decorative elements.

Small bum. Avoid models with highly located pockets decorated with embroidery, buttons, caps etc. You may choose jeans with lower waistline but remember that they shorten the height.

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Boyish figure. For your slender thighs and minimum curves appropriate will be the classical models of jeans. Avoid baggy jeans because they will turn you into a “boy”.

Elastic. Almost all jeans contain elastin but be especially careful with the elastic models. Most of all when your body is not perfect. By trying to look slimmer you will in fact attract attention to the problematic areas. Make sure that when you sit your jeans are on your waist and do not drag down.

Bleached jeans. In the 80s people did everything possible for the bleaching, rubbing and tearing of jeans – from soaking to rubbing in asphalt. Today there are tons of products for bleaching as this effect can hide the imperfections of the body: for example the darker inside part of the thigh and the lighter inner side make the leg rounder. Keep in mind that bleached jeans add kilos. So if you want such a model think about which zones will attract attention.


Find your jeans type and wear them with confidence and pleasure!



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