The official dress code

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The manner in which we dress is a kind of non-verbal communication and is intended to present us in front of people, colleagues and friends. Unlike the freedom in the selection of casual clothing, there are times and events for which are established specific rules regarding the clothes we will be wearing. These are usually special occasions and celebrations that require formal outfit corresponding to specified criteria.

White tie – dress code, referring to the most solemn and formal event for a selected community.

The men obligatory are dressed in a tailcoat, white vest and white silk bow tie.

The ladies should appear in long evening dresses, with bare shoulders (admitted are also dresses with train), necessarily wearing gloves, as a rule, up to the elbow, with real precious jewelry and expensive leather mantles.

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“Black Tie”, “Tuxedo”, “Formal” – this means official evening clothing, i.e. – the ladies in evening dress, men – in tuxedos.

Tuxedo – this is traditionally black, very open on the chest jacket with long black silk lapels. It is worn with a black bow tie and a corresponding belt. To the tuxedo are worn black shoes with laces, but in any case they should not be patent leather (patent leather are mandatory only with the tailcoat). In accordance with the dress code “Formal”, men dress with a classical suit (it is desirable to be black) with a white shirt and tie with no bright color tones.

In these cases, women should be in evening dresses with length below the knee. Long dresses are put on very formal occasions or at a charity ball, where it is expected that you will be dancing, it is not necessarily the jewels to be real, but in any case they should not look cheap. If the event that you are invited at is not formal and starts during the day, out in the open (wedding, anniversary, a national holiday), the ladies can appear in a cocktail dress.


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Black Tie Optional, Semi-formal, Cocktail – so is marked the most unofficial of the official kinds of garment, usually for corporate banquets, family celebrations with a large number of guests or dinner in a restaurant.

Men can wear to the tuxedo a vest, instead of belt and can afford bow tie with different color: white with black or red. But most commonly in these cases, men appear in plain classical suits. For an evening event is ideally suitable a dark blue suit with barely noticeable stripes. The tie can be bright and fashionable. As a rule, “Semi-formal” implies white shirts and ties, but on an informal party may be suitable and a sports jacket. In this case, the pants should be with a different color, as a rule – black.

The ladies are dressed in a dress for cocktails of expensive fabric – lace, silk, velvet, satin, which is not richly adorned as the evening dress. Worn are a small bag and shoes in the same color, figurative stockings are prohibited.


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