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Fall is almost here and while it is still summer, it is time to take a look at the warm clothes. We all want to look and feel good even in a sweater. It is important to choose the right model for your body. Here are some ideas to use when choosing a sweater.

It is tempting to follow the latest fashion trends, but they are not always suitable for every type of body. In the autumn of 2013 many different styles are fashionable at the same time, it is so easy to dress stylishly and successfully disguise your imperfections.

Sweater for a pear-shaped body

This body type has more weight on the bottom, not the top. Popular ladies with that kind of body are Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé; they have their stylists who help them in the choice, so we can borrow some ideas from them. If you have a pear-shaped body, you should choose sweaters that go to your waist. If the model is longer, it focuses on the hips, and we hardly want to achieve this effect. Our goal is to create a balance.

– Sweaters with large necklines are very suitable for women with pear-shaped bodies. V-neck, a hood, boat neck type are all suitable options.

– It is reasonable to look for a model with shorter sleeves with interesting decorations that draw attention to the arms.

– Simple, zippered jackets are also a good option. Good choice are also models with sagging neck or collar, revealing more of our shoulders.

Sweater for a sandglass body shape

Salma Hayek and Halle Berry are excellent examples for women with this body type. Here are a few tips to look stunning as they are, even in a sweater.

– Sweaters with a “hug me” neckline are required! Of course, we want to focus on every inch of our beautiful body. This model of sweaters will help us highlight the full bust, narrow waist and nice butt.

– We should look for sweaters with buttons or embellishments below the bust to highlight our advantages.

– It is important to choose tight-fitting models. Loose sweaters are not for this body type because they cannot highlight our great figure!

– Sweaters in autumn colors and belts in the middle are also wonderful.

Sweater for apple body shape

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With this body type the majority of the weight is seemingly in the middle. Pregnant women fall into this category. Ambiguous waistline and love handles are also typical for women with apple body. When choosing a sweater for this type of figure it is hard to hide the excess weight, so we must be very careful. If you want to emphasize your best parts and conceal the flaws, you should follow these simple steps.

– Sweaters with V-shaped necklines, boat necks and square type necklines are best, because they draw attention to the upper torso.

– Absolutely do not choose models that end right at the top of the waist, because they will reveal your bigger waist. It is good the sweaters to cover our belly and get to the top of the hips.

– Longer sweaters that cover the butt or even reach the knees, will also do a great job. Leave them unfastened at the top, if you decide they attract too much attention in the middle of the body.

– Longer sweaters with wide loose or draped collar, poncho typed vests or those tied at the upper part that stay more loose down are a great choice for women with apple shaped body.

Sweater for a rectangular shaped body

This body type is typical for supermodels – straight stick with almost no curves. Often this figure is defined as a boyish. But even if you’re skinny petite, we can find great sweaters to create the illusion that you have a great body. Here are some ideas for autumn sweaters for women with this body type.

– We are lucky that we can afford to wear large heavy sweaters in which to feel comfortable and look great. This model is a good match with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt.

– Sweaters and cardigans with a belt look very good on a rectangular body. The tightening at the waist gives a feminine look to our figure.

– Sweaters type “hug me” are in fashion this season and are perfect for ladies with such a figure. They give the impression of fuller curves and warm us in the cold days.

– Sweaters of heavy fabrics with turtlenecks are also a great choice for this body type.


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