The hidden meaning of colors in menswear – part 2



This color is a symbol of life, growth and productivity. Green gives people internal balance and luck. It helps us relax and ease our nervous system. It is proven that patients in rooms with view of green areas recover faster than others. For businessmen the green symbolizes they are ready for serious deals and have the necessary means. This color is very practical because it is easily combined with almost all other “colleagues”, if necessary it can be used as camouflage.


In the world of fashion gray is a classical color. It symbolizes hardness and strength. Gray often creates associations with silver, it is a synonym of maturity and experience. Wear gray suits to a job interview to show your future boss you are a capable and responsible person. But if a person overuses it, it will make people think he’s dry and boring. Gray has a beneficial impact on negotiations. It symbolizes diplomacy because it combines contrasts – black and white.


Black is probably the strongest color, it symbolizes elegance and stability. It is eternal and never goes out of style. That is why stylists often announce another color to be “the new black”. Furthermore, when we wear it, it creates the illusion that we look slimmer. At the same time black has many disadvantages. It’s the color of mourning and negative characters. Black can depress the people around you and yourself. If this worries you – there is a great escape: black is the perfect color for accessories – for example for a Mercedes.


This is the color of purity and cleanness. White gives the feeling of calmness, it is a part of the peace symbols – white dove and white flag. White gives a push to art, like the white sheet of paper which we all use to learn how to write or draw. This color creates the illusion for endlessness and is especially appropriate if you want to win somebody’s trust. In Germany for example judges are required to wear white ties to show everybody their objectivity. This color is not practical for clothes because it is hard to maintain.

In the end you should not always use symbolism. It is important when you dress to choose colors that make you feel comfortable. And do not be afraid to experiment. Break from time to time your usual colors. It is nice when a person surprises himself from time to time.


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