The hidden meaning of colors in menswear- Part 1

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The selection and combination of colors in the clothing is among the most important skills for the modern person. It is a sign not only of taste but can assist in achieving specific goals. Due to this reason soldiers for example have camouflage uniforms and illusionists – bright costumes. Key role in achieving this effect have the colors. Each of them has its meaning and causes various emotional reactions. Colors can underline your appearance and affect the attitude of others towards you. It is important to know what reactions the different colors may cause. In this way you can dress appropriately for every situation. Even in the most conservative clothes can be included unusual colors. For example as part of the print on the tie, the handkerchief in the coat’s pocket or details on the cuffs. You can always be up-to-date.

Not needed is much time or efforts to select and combine the clothes and accessories.

The skill and sense we apply when making our choice are crucial for how will we look, not the price or the label of the clothes.


Intensive and aggressive color symbolizing bravery, attention, passions and energy. It causes not only psychological but also physical reaction. Researches show that the heart pulse and the breathing are increased when watching figures in red. This color is recommended when you do not have strength in rough days. Red can be a double-bladed knife. It is not appropriate to wear it at a job interview or business meetings where there is the probability for conflict. In such situations it can be combined with more peaceful colors, for example a sweater with red and blue stripes. For the conservative environment more appropriate are darker shades of red – cherry or burgundy.


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It is an optimistic and happy color which symbolizes friendship and calmness. Not by chance it is used in the therapy of aggressive people. Pink is the color of good health. It does not have the screaming sensuality of the stronger colors like red. Charming and warm, the soft pink is perfect for personal meetings. It can lift up the mood in the gray winter days as well as complete perfectly the atmosphere in the sunny and warm days of the year. According to the conservative stylists, pink is not manly enough so it can be combined with gray as well as dark blue.





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This color symbolizes trust and loyalty. It is connected with wisdom, tactics and high social status especially if it is “royal blue”. Clothes in such color affect beneficially the nervous system. They fit people having troubles with sleep or who are hyperactive and collect negative emotions and stress. Blue is one of the most popular colors among the official suits as well as in the casual wear. Its dark shades are ideal for official meetings while the lighter shades are more suitable for the everyday life. The gradually changing of the shade is also considered creativity and willingness for new endeavors.






Yellow symbolizes success, warmth, enthusiasm and adventurous spirit. This color is related to the youth, sense of humor, optimism and unconventional thinking. Many people disregard the yellow because they think it is too rare but it has many shades. Yellow’s cousin – the orange was considered by the legendary Frank Sinatra “the happiest color of all”. If in spite of its pluses you do not feel secure to choose it as a color for your clothes, try to use combinations it is present in – striped sweater or printed t-shirt for example. Yellow is very appropriate for the summer days.


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