The choice of swimsuit – a matter of body

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To choose a swimsuit, which fits namely the shape of your body, you should comply with four criteria: shape, color, print and fabric. Of them most important is the shape – it will create or destroy the balance and proportions of your body.

Not all models fit well enough to the various figures. For your convenience we offer a short description of the different body shapes of women and the swimsuits that would suit them best.


This means the breasts are wider than the hips. Your choice should be of a model with very cut neckline, if the breasts are too big, it is preferable the neckline to be square-shaped. Also, for the fluffier ladies the swimsuit should offer a better support for the breasts. The effect of the apple-shape aims to visually decrease the upper, wider part and to create a proportion in the body shape. For this purpose a better option is a swimsuit of two parts as the upper half to be single-colored, dark colors preferable, the bottom part can be colorful – horizontal stripes or flowers.


The specific lines for this shape form something like a triangle – narrow breasts, wide hips and belly. If you have this body shape you should choose a model, color and prints which to distract the look from the bottom part. A good choice is the combination of a dark color for the bottom part, bright colors or prints for the upper, which will attract the looks to it. A top strapped to the back of the neck is also a good option for it visually extends the body. For the bottom part of the swimsuit it is recommended that you avoid cut models, thongs as well as laces on the side of the hips.


This figure has long and precise lines but the waist, the thighs and breasts are equally wide. For this boyish figure it is better to choose a model which to underline the natural curves of the body. Suitable will be a shorts-type bottom part or bikini with a corset with large geometric figures or colorful prints will curve the shape. For small-breasted women we recommend swimsuits which upper part has special pads although it creates a bit of a discomfort – they dry slowly.


Women with such body shape are privileged – every model, colors and prints are appropriate for them. The only thing they can do is further underline the natural balance and femininity.


With this figure the widest part of the body are the waist and belly. To distract the attention from these areas it is recommended to choose a one-piece swimsuit in dark color or with stripes print in the problematic area.

Here are some other rules when choosing a swimsuit:

1. The right choice of fabric is also important for the correction of certain shapes. Choose a swimsuit with at least 15% lycra but at the same time be careful not to be too tight because it can shape defects where there are  none. Also keep in mind that bathing suits loosen when they are wet so you should not pick up a bigger size. Of course – you should not select a smaller size as well because it also deforms the figure.

2. When you buy a swimsuit keep in mind that the light in the changing rooms is not natural and at the beach you will not look the way you see yourselves in the mirror. If it is possible ask to take the swimsuit and try it at home.

3. Although it is not yet very popular, there are some offers to buy a swimsuit from a catalogue or in internet. Do not make such a mistake when choosing the swimsuit.

4. When choosing a swimsuit keep in mind the fact how often and where will you wear it. It matters if you are a surfer or a swimmer or you just stay in shallow water. Do not trade comfort with discomfort.

5. And finally – regardless whether it is about the butt, the hips, the breasts, arms – everybody has their own part of the body they like best. Show it! Fortunately, many stores offer the opportunity clients to combine various parts of swimsuits according to their preferences, so take advantage.



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