Is the white color appropriate in winter?

White clothes we link to the spring – summer season, the sun, the sea, light dresses, blouses and pants. Really, to walk in the snow in a white coat and boots is not the best possible decision, but it is unfair to ignore the white color on our clothes for four months. Still some white clothes are ... Continue Reading →

These clothes. Forever!

With the new season a new topic comes to life. The classic clothes which are always fashionable are again on the catwalks. They are always up-to-date, their origin goes back with ages. They change but they are the same in their core. And probably they will never leave our wardrobes. And I should of ... Continue Reading →

Pretty and stylish

Rules which to follow The good appearance is respect towards ourselves and the others. As a start never use too much accessories. Do not try to demonstrate to the others how many bracelets, necklaces and rings you have. If you have chosen large, big and noticeable earrings skip the necklace or vice ... Continue Reading →

The hidden meaning of colors in menswear – part 2

GREEN This color is a symbol of life, growth and productivity. Green gives people internal balance and luck. It helps us relax and ease our nervous system. It is proven that patients in rooms with view of green areas recover faster than others. For businessmen the green symbolizes they are ready for ... Continue Reading →

Underwear according to the dress

You bought a great new dress but when you put it on, you realize that something is not as it should be… Do not think underwear is not important. The wrong choice of underwear can ruin your vision. To make the best choice take in consideration some matters: Continue Reading →

The hidden meaning of colors in menswear- Part 1

The selection and combination of colors in the clothing is among the most important skills for the modern person. It is a sign not only of taste but can assist in achieving specific goals. Due to this reason soldiers for example have camouflage uniforms and illusionists – bright costumes. Key role ... Continue Reading →