Stylish knitted hat for a warm winter

Image: © Leonid & Anna / Fotolia

Choosing sunglasses and handbags, belts, shoes and earrings is not so difficult. Many women have developed a special flair to these accessories, essential details of every outfit, creating a specific mood. Not so, however, is the situation with the hats. Unlike the other parts of our clothing, they lock so to speak, the overall impression of our appearance, outfit and our temperament. This means that the hat should be chosen very carefully – according to the face shape, according to the face complexion, according to the outfit or style.


For example, if you have a wide face do not assume that for you there is no appropriate hat. On the contrary. Bet on the slightly higher hats and not the small berets that seem to get lost among your features, but something like the classic cowboy models worn tilted slightly to the side. They compensate for the broad face, optically narrowing it.


For streamlined lines of the square face will help an elegant hat with rounded shapes such as the cloche or also known as a bell. One such model knitted hat will bring you very warm and cozy winter days and nights, and will definitely make you love this indispensable and practical accessory of the women’s wardrobe. Because reinventing the hats you actually rediscover your beauty, precisely because the hats reveal it differently every time you put a different hat.


For the square face are suitable and the soft berets. They are worn either sideways or back askew. Thus they soften the lines, and if they are of the type knitted hats, they will make you elegant and will take the volume of the face and body during the cold winter days in order to emphasize the rigor and finesse of the winter coat.


According to your preferred style you can opt for various hats. A knitted hat as the type of French beret and the tweed create a unique mood, emphasize the youthful exuberance and personality, and combine beautifully with both jeans and a shirt, as well as with trousers and a more formal shirt for work for example.


The market is full of all kinds of models winter hats – sports, elegant, colorful, playful. Choose yours and combine it with your own style. Do not despair if a hat does not fit you well – yours is out there somewhere, waiting to make you more stylish and keep you warm.


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