Spring in white, gray and black

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The spring is not here yet but this does not mean that it will not surprise us soon, and when it comes we will be prepared with the appropriate and stylish clothes and accessories.

It is not necessary to wait for the upcoming season to come in full force to start buying new suitable clothes for it. You can update your wardrobe throughout the whole year. We ladies love to go shopping and exactly when it is not the season of clothes for the spring, for example, their prices are reduced. You can always like something from the discounts in the shops for clothing that would be fashionable and in the next year. The neutral colors, such as black, white, gray and brown are always fashionable and you can easily combine them with the rest of the clothes in your wardrobe.

The colors were the leading factors during the last spring – summer season and will remain a main impulse in the fashion tendencies in the clothing and accessories and this year.



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Except the well – known pastel tones combined with white, cream or golden, it will be good to use the not so typical for spring color combination of white-gray-black.

The tight and straight silhouettes of pants will appear again in the upcoming season but with a new interpretation. To them are added light blouses, wide silk shirts and soft “oversized” tops.
The metallic effects have an important role as a print, as well as in a lurex or a shining thread, aiming a non-see-through but a fashionable youth effect of the outfit. Do not be afraid to shine during the day!

The clothes are simple, the accessories are big and unusual, the shoes – the most important part of the female vision, with which you are free to experiment and express ypurself and your personal style.


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