Six eternal rules

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Every man has asked himself the question for the necessity of matching the color of his socks with the rest of the clothing at a certain moment in his life. Here are some important fashion guidelines clearing the rules of fashion.
The belt should always match the shoes. It is a good rule simplifying the dressing. It’s best to bet on the traditional colors – black, dark of bright brown. All other colors will be difficult for combining because of their many shades. If you wear suspenders, it is a curious fact but still, please, wear either a belt or suspenders.
Combination of ties and shirts. The combination of single-colored shirt with a tie in the same or slightly different shade is very common. But we challenge you to experiment with some colors. The tie is a great way to underline your individuality, but always use your good taste. Ties with prints can mislead you, so try to match the shirt you combine them with. Better avoid prints on ties because fashion changes very quickly. It is good to know how to do various tie knots, as they “speak” different things about you. When it comes to clip ties – just say NO.
Box-pleats against flat-front pants. Men choose flat-front pants due to a clear reason, they fit much better than the box-pleat pants in the general case. The box-pleat makes the hips look wider. If you want more comfort buy pants one size bigger but with flat front instead of box-pleat.
Socks. The general rule is the color of your socks to match the color of the pants, or be as close as possible. If the pants are black, the choice is simple and clear, but it is not necessary the socks to be single-colored. Even a simple pattern in another color is recommended. But uniformity in the color of the socks, pants and shoes, sure is a precondition for good looks. Perhaps it is unnecessary to mention, but leave the white socks for the gym.

Watch. It is the single most important accessory that men can carry safely. Invest in a really good watch complying with your own style and way of life. However, if you like to change your watches as appropriate, try to match the color of the watch strap to that of the belt.

Glasses. They are one of the few ways you can really express yourself. If you wear glasses, you can still have some stylish glasses that you can change as appropriate. Important in their choice is to match the features of your face and highlight your individuality.


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