Rules of the neckline. Deep or shallow?

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The square neckline suits ladies with large breasts and the triangle one helps extending the short neck. If the size of the breasts is not that big the lady will look good with bare shoulders and an asymmetric neckline.

Blouses and shirts with a neckline plunging to the waist look very original. They are appropriate for ladies with ideal breasts and flat belly.

Try to choose appropriate underwear which not to be seen if your blouse or top has a big neckline. The variety of models and colors allow you to make the right choice.

If the outfit has a very deep neckline, to the waist, you can choose a special bra. Its cups are connected with almost invisible silicone straps.

If you have bare shoulders you can use a bra with silicone straps. But according to the leading stylists the fashion of the silicone straps is long gone.

Colorful straps are not very appropriate especially for more formal outfits so wearing a one-strap bra is recommended.


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Ladies with not so big but firm breasts can wear dresses and blouses with bare shoulders with strapless bras under them. This method is not very appropriate for large-breasted women.

If the woman’s breasts are tiny and do not allow wearing of dresses and blouses with deep necklines, they can try the special bras which visually enlarge the breasts. It pushes up the breasts and turns them into a tempting view which looks really good.

The beauty of the neckline depends not only on the right choice of bra but also the condition of the breast skin. A few days before the important event put on a bronzer and on the day of the event powder the skin and put on foundation.

You can also use a cream that has light-reflecting particles and your skin will shine as a silk. If your shoulders are bare you can wear long earrings.

The dress which has a deep triangle neckline looks well with a fine medallion on a strap or a necklace with not so big stones. The bag over the shoulder is not a good option, if you have bare shoulders. In this case more appropriate is an envelope bag.



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