Promotion depends on the clothing as well


It is not a secret that it is important how we look at the work place. Experts in the field of fashion and business race to give us advice on how to make a good impression, how to dress or how to act with our colleagues.

A research, conducted in Great Britain ordered by the businessman Peter Jones states that the way people dress at work reflects on their career.

In the research took part 3 000 managers and employees. More than half of them – 80% take in consideration the way their colleagues work.

When it is about the clothes, the biggest mistake women make at the work place is to wear tops with deep necklines, claim the interviewed.

Every fifth manager, taken part in the research acknowledges that at a certain moment he has fired an employee because of the inappropriate clothing which does not reflect the corporation’s policy.

Half of the bosses did not promote an employee who did not dress adequately for the held position.



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