Prepare your suitcase properly

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Follow our tips for a light holiday without extra baggage


You have already prepared everything for the long-awaited summer vacation – you have planned your route, you have booked your accommodation, the shopping is done, you have the necessary accessories and cosmetics, and it remains only to pack up your luggage.


To avoid the situation in which you can barely zip the suitcase, and then it turns out that half the things that you have taken are actually unnecessary, follow our advices.


Check the weather forecast

If the weathermen promise sunny and cloudless days, it is not necessary to restock with warm clothes. One trench and an umbrella just in case are sufficient.


Find out what your hotel provides

Most hotels offer their customers free small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and other indispensable cosmetic products so you do not have to fill your suitcase with your existing ones. The same applies to the towels and sheets.


If however you want to use your products, then pour some of them in small vials or containers in order to save space.


Make a list

In order to not be stuffed with a huge amount of clothes that you will not even wear, make a list of the clothing that you will need for each day of the break. You will be surprised how much less you actually need.


Choose the right suitcase

If you have to buy a new suitcase, then you necessarily must choose the lightest possible option.


Arrange your belongings properly

Shoes and other heavier luggage put at the bottom of the suitcase. In the very shoes you can easily insert other smaller things.


There is no need to fold your clothes many times, for so they actually take up more space. Position your clothing in the center of the case.


Aside place the smaller things such as lingerie, jewelry and accessories.


And most importantly smile and have a nice holiday!


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