Perfect vision in 5 steps

Image: © Mee Ting / Fotolia

Every woman, regardless of her age, weight and the proportions of her figure may select exactly that model of jeans or a shirt that perfectly highlight her beauty and advantages.

To look good every day is very important! This gives you the right amount of confidence, which in turn makes the people around you smile and be infected by your positive energy.

Here are a few tips that will help you save valuable time each morning and get out of home with a smile on your face.

Rule № 1 – Neat wardrobe. It definitely does not belong to our favorite activities, but if you spend 10 minutes every second day to arrange your clothes, you will be able to quickly jot down your visions and will continually “discover” forgotten clothes and accessories.

Prepare your clothes. It only takes 5 minutes each evening to prepare clothes for the following day. This ensures accuracy for each morning meeting.

Bet on a modern scarf. Even the simplest vision can be transformed with the right scarf. The variety of scarves is huge. Stop on colors and fabrics that suit your character and remember that yet another scarf is never unnecessary!

Look “expensive”. It is not necessary to bet on the accessories and clothes of the famous fashion brands, which you can not afford. Bet on similar jeans, tops and shoes that can be found in the cheaper shops at much lower prices. Combine them with original jewelry and a pair of comfortable, but stylish classic shoes and you are ready with an impressive vision.

Ideal for the autumn – a trench coat. It knows how to hide many imperfections and still stands casually elegant. We advise you not to buy a trench in a bright color, because you probably will not wear it as often. We recommend you to bet on a neutral color like gray or beige.


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