Perfect posture, how to have it?

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It is not easy to have the perfect posture, but it is a testimonial to our inimitable confidence that makes us noble, and makes us more attractive. Often according to the way we walk, sit, or lean …just to fix the shoe, people draw a picture of us.

And so, let’s get back to the topic, namely – how to have a perfect posture. British scientists have developed a special plan, following which you can improve your posture. Let’s remember their useful advices and most importantly – try to abide by them. The result will be pleasantly surprising.

1. Stand by the mirror and try to pass visually a line between your ears, shoulders and thighs. Take a few steps and …try to walk like this from now on.

2. Do exercises for back straightening. There are numerous, one of them is the following:

Straighten your shoulders and align them again in front of the mirror in one line with your ears. Raise your hands up, stretch them and let them be in a parallel to the ears. Bend your arms at the elbows with palms and try to touch your shoulder blades. Hold on a minute. Relax. Repeat 10 times.

3. When you stand keep your feet a little separated, not tight to one another.

4. Walk with a lifted chin. Let the head be located parallel to the level of the shoulders instead of pointing forward.

5. Always lean on the back support of the chair.

6. Keep your hands loose next to your body.

7. Always bend in the knees not in the waist when you have to pick something up from the ground.

8. If you wear something always in one hand, switch hands.

9. Sleep on your back.

10. Always sleep on a pillow – preferably harder.



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