Nine fashion advices

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Recently we more often see unacceptable fashion mistakes that we see not only on the street but on the red carpet as well. To be always elegant and to have a flawless fashion style see the list of the nine fashion mistakes you should never make.

1. Say “NO” to the tight white trousers

In the spring and summer we try to avoid the dark colors. But there is a “but”: if the nature did not gave you beautiful legs do not walk them in tight white pants.

2. Labels do not equal style

Do not think that if you pack yourself from head to toe with labels you will impress someone with great style.

In some cases maybe yes, but expensive clothing does not always mean guarantee for style. You can achieve great appearance with nice pants combined with an appropriate, stylish bag. Simplicity always wins!

3. Do not combine tight pants with a tight top

No, no and again no… unless you have the figure of a model. Otherwise keep the strict rule: combine the tight clothes with loose ones. Following this rule, the tight trousers can be combined with a loose long t-shirt and the tight top with a flared skirt or loose trousers.

4. Do not overuse accessories

Jewelry and accessories give completeness to every set of clothes but try not to overuse them. Otherwise you risk looking like a Christmas tree. Balance and simplicity – this is the magic formula of the perfect style.

5. Do not bare too much

Maybe we should put this advice first. Clothes that show too much of the female body seem vulgar. According to the unwritten fashion rules the combination of opened top and a short skirt is bad taste and vulgarity.

6. Do not forget the wrinkly, faded, dirty and shapeless clothes

The clothes should be always clean and well ironed. Place the iron and the board on a suitable place and don’t look for excuses to escape the boring ironing. And remember, even the prettiest suit or dress will lose its effect if combined with shoes as if you took part in a sports marathon.

7. Stay true to your style

Regardless of the fashion tendencies, buy only the things you will confidently wear. The ones that will ensure you good mood and will make your day pleasant. Find the perfect combination of comfort, elegance and style. And stay true to your style, always and everywhere.

8. Do not show your belly

Stop showing your naked belly. This is not sexy! This rule for sure has its exceptions … but you should learn to evaluate your body correctly.

9. Do not buy bigger clothes

Do not buy bigger clothes or clothes that are too baggy… The truth is that baggy clothes give freedom for the body to move but also add a few kilos on it. Your clothes should be the appropriate size for you!



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