New appearance every day, thanks to the women’s shoes

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Almost every clothing accessory is able to change your overall appearance, but none of them is better than the shoes. The shoes are no longer just a protection for the feet. This was far in the past. They have become a strong fashion accessory and acquired the utmost importance for determining the overall look. Now the shoes are no less important than any other clothes on you. And as such an important part of the overall clothing, the choice of a bad pair of women’s shoes will prevent you from getting the desired look. By the same logic, however, if you choose a great pair of shoes you can achieve a dazzling appearance, even with the old clothes. You do not have to go every day in the office with totally different clothes, a different pair of shoes is completely equivalent to a different outfit.

There are a few basic rules that we must follow when choosing the perfect pair of shoes. But of course, rules are made to be broken, so if you want to experiment – go ahead, just keep in mind the following rules.

The latest models ladies shoes that you can find in the stores fit every kind of buyers. The variety is simply endless. Whether the shoes that you are looking for are low or with platform, with opened or closed heel, in screaming colors or grayscale – be sure that you will find the appropriate. Here are the rules for matching the shoes with the clothing that will help you achieve different visions:

Every woman must have one pure black and one pure white pair of shoes in the closet. If your clothes are in bright and vivid colors, the best solution is to paint the nails on your feet in the same color and put on the black pair of shoes. You will get a great and spectacular contrast that cannot go unnoticed and yet is completely appropriate.

On the other hand, if you wear clothes in pastel colors – do the same with the toenails, but this time put on your white shoes.

Of course, you have complete freedom to own at least one pair of shoes with very bright and striking color. They combine only with certain dresses and even with their very purchase you should be aware that you will not be wearing more than 5-10 times. But these times will be worthwhile, because the shoes in the current for the season color will make an impression of not indifferent to the fashion lady.

Another thing to remember is that in the designer shoes the name and the brand alone cannot combine with the clothing. This responsibility remains yours. The fact that the pair of shoes is designer and expensive does not mean it cannot stand on your feet ugly or else to be combined inappropriate. If you are not completely sure of your choice you can always ask the consultant at the shoe store.

A dress that looks good on certain woman can stand terrible on some other. The same applies to women’s shoes. Do not buy such because they stand perfect on your girlfriend. Every foot is unique. Be individual and show style.


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