Lace – is it fashionable?

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The exquisitely knitted fibers “go down” from the fashion catwalks and enter into the everyday wear of the modern women. Regardless whether it is about formal evening dresses, pants, skirts, tops, blouses or shoes the knitted clothes are always appropriate, stylish and fashionable.

When it comes to the colors the lace clothes can be in the classic white or its shades. Tender compilations between white and pink, ecru, cream, peach and other light tones will also dominate in the fashion lines the following two seasons. Fashionable will be purple, the classical black and red as well as light gray. Recently on the market there are lace clothes in all kinds of colors, models and shades. Available are all types of garments – dresses, blouses, shirts, t-shirts and even pants with lace elements in them. The choice is entirely yours, depending on your personal taste and style.

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Lace is completed very successfully by floral motives. It is very important what the lace clothes and accessories are combined with.

The fashion experts recommend being careful with the combinations because the fabric of the lace is very delicate and it is suggested that it is the main accent in your clothing. This is why this specific type of garment is good to be combined with single-colored and plain coats, vests, shoes or other accessories.

The lace’s shape is also important. In the variety of shapes ladies should pick the ones that fit better their taste and silhouette.

The bigger knitted shapes for example are more appropriate for thinner and slender ladies because they create an illusion of additional wideness. Fluffy ladies can choose lace with smaller shapes or respectively in the darker colors.

So if you want to be fashionable, search in your wardrobe the lace clothes you have forgotten or go buy some new ones. The new collections are already in the stores.


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