Jeans are always fashionable!


Since 1855 the brilliant idea of Levi Straus to use the rough fabric known as deNïmes (from the French fabric from Nimes – a city in France) popular nowadays as Denim, for the fabrication of working trousers for the gold diggers in the West of America, the interest and popularity of the jeans has never ceased. Every year their style is renewed and changed  and the jeans are always a modern fashion tendency.
To be liked by everybody!

It is unbelievable but actually it is very simple to explain: the jeans have many advantages – they do not easily get dirty, they are ideal for the cold autumn and winter days, they are fashionable and are easily maintained – they are resistant to every treatment and do not loose their originality and appearance. All this makes the denim not only appropriate for work clothing but one of the most preferred and up-to-date fabrics!

From work clothing the jeans turn into a symbol of the rebels and hippie movements from the second half of the past century and today are also fashionable and practical: they are appropriate for ladies and gentlemen, elders, youths and children, as well as people preferring simple clothes and accessories and those highlighting their individuality through their way of dressing…

Art and art again!

The denim inspires every designer of male and female fashion! No collection is ever released without denim. With the variety of models for each season (with embroidery, wrinkles, zippers, etc.) they match every body shape and taste, they allow freedom of the movements, which makes them very comfortable and they literally turn into “second skin”.

Nowadays there is really no fashion line where there is not denim: from the higher fashion through the daily and sports collections to the underwear… Jeans are everywhere! Universal, fashionable, comfortable and efficient, appropriate for every season and occasion.



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