How to clean stains from clothes


Cleaning stains from clothes can sometimes be a true challenge for the housewives. Among the most difficult stains to remove are those from fat and wine. Here is how to deal with some of the most stubborn:

How to remove chocolate stains

Chocolate stains which most mothers have dealt with you can clean by removing the chocolate with a knife or your nail, of course if it’s not hardened. For a hardened stain you should soak it in cold water, after that put on some detergent on the spot and then wash it in the mashine.

How to remove tomato juice stains

The tomato juice stains you should wash by first completely removing the juice from the clothing, after that you should soak it in cold water for half an hour and wash with detergent.

What is most important for wine stains

Wine stains can be a serious problem especially if the wine is red. The best option is to put on salt. Remove the salt when it has absorbed the wine, then add new one, the procedure should be repeated until the wine is absolutely absorbed by the salt. after that clean the salt and wash the place with warm water. The same procedure is effective for fruit juice stains. Most important is the fast action- the more the stain remains it will be harder for you to clean. If the clothing you got dirty is white you can soak it in milk after which wash it.

How to remove honey stains

The stubborn honey stains have their not so difficult solution. The stain should be rubbed with a brush soaked in distilled water.

How to clean fat stains

Fat stains you can clean by using a detergent for washing dishes and cold water. Our mothers and grandmothers will advise you to clean the stain with mud – put it on the stain and let it dry in the sun. Wash.

Cherries and raspberries stains

Cherries and raspberries stains remove by rubbing the section with a soaked sponge in milk and soapy water.




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