How to choose the perfect sports bra?

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Eight of ten women wear inappropriate sports bras.

First the type of bra is determined and based on the sports you are in.

For example, tight bras keep the breasts near the chest and limit their movement. They’re appropriate for ladies with smaller breasts (A and B) and for sports where their movement is limited – like swimming.

For ladies with average breasts (C and D) and sports with more movement recommended are bras that well combine the pressing and fixing effect. Feeling of freedom when breathing: The supporting lane should stick to the body but you should comfortably breathe.

Here are some things which to take in consideration when choosing a sports bra:

Large breasted women (D and DD) should choose lifting and separating bras – especially when doing sports like running or jumping.

Other important conditions:
It is recommended that they are wider to distribute better the weight to the shoulders (even though they are not the main supporting power). It is also important for them not to stretch easily – jumping is really unpleasant.

Here it’s not about lifting pads but plastic or metal pads in the bottom of the cups. They are usually elastic to follow the movement of the body. When they are present they assist in the better maintenance of the bust and the better shape of the bra.
Avoid bras that are made entirely of cotton. It’s well known that the bra keeps the moist. Fabrics like Coolmax and Dryfit are developed with the purpose to take the moist off the top without absorbing it.
If you need the bra for a sport that suggests back exercises as yoga or fitness it is better to take one without buttoning. Metal hooks can stick into the back very badly and cause bruising.
How to extend the life of the sports bra?
Most products have a life between 6 and 12 months. To extend this period you should keep in mind some simple rules:

1. Wash it by hand and leave it dry naturally in the sun;

2. Avoid using softeners;

3. If you still wash it in the washing machine put it buttoned. Otherwise there’s a greater chance for it to stretch.

How to know your bra is ruined?
1. It feels loose or too big;
2. The vertical movement of your breasts has increased;
3. The fabric starts to get ruined;
4. You can’t read the label.


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