How to choose new clothes: three important advices for men


Nowadays, when menswear is very popular and is even more observed than the women’s clothing, all self-respecting men should be careful how they go out in public places. Clothes determine the main part of the first impression, which we create and that is why the selection and buying appears to be stressful. There are some rules which can help a men be elegant and stylish without any special care.

First of all do not follow the rule that expensive is better. Practice shows that in many cases clothes costing half a salary do not make even half of the good impression that the not so expensive clothes do. Furthermore, aiming to create distinguishable label wear, the world designers reach the border between extravagance and ridicule. Believe this, no one will take notice that your shirt costs half your savings if it makes you look ridiculous.

Another valuable advice, especially for men who do not have time to go shopping is to take advantage of the broadening opportunities of the online shopping. Recently more and more clothing stores appear on the internet, characteristic with their various selections, corporate policy, directed to the client’s comfort and practically all possible ways of payment and delivery. There is no more danger that the item will be defect or would not fit, even if you find a problem you can always return it within the set terms. And never forget to check the reputation of the online store and the customers’ opinions because, together with the confirmed and accurate shops, you can stumble upon false traders who may try to harm you.

One more important step when choosing clothes is to follow the fashion tendencies but not blindly. Keep in mind that even though we often hear advices on how to be different this may bring only harm. Do not try to distinguish yourself through your clothing because this usually causes bad combinations of very bright products that really stand out but not in the good sense. A sign of good taste and style is the selection of clothes which are fashionable nowadays and combine well with one another. Do not forget that the colors of the clothes we wear speak for our character and our emotional condition. Depending on the case choose clothes which to help you – to an exam go with not so bright colors so you don’t irritate the lecturer, on a date go with softer colors which to calm, for a disco or a party choose brighter colors which to distinguish you in the crowd.

If we have to sum it up, buying menswear turns into a pleasant and relaxing activity if you follow the steps: do not be affected by the price, choose nice and comfortable clothes which will help you feel and act confident; do not underestimate the opportunities of the internet stores offering various fashion articles and always try to be in touch with the fashion tendencies in your field. Follow these three precious advices and the problems when choosing new clothes will practically disappear!



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