First date outfit – advices for women

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Most women just love to re-dress at least five times a day and this makes them truly happy. There are cases where the more clothes a woman changes, the more miserable and unhappy she feels. These are usually the days when we are going to a long-waited first date with the man we have liked for a long time.

The problem comes when you open the wardrobe and every piece of clothing looks horrible to you. In fact this cannot be true because until yesterday at least half the clothes on the hangers were your favorite. Let’s say it is due to the pressure you feel at that moment.

To impress a man you date for the first time, it is necessary to carefully choose the clothes you will be wearing at the date. Apart from your brains and beauty, he will pay attention to your appearance as well. Nowadays, to put it frankly, more men do not insist on their partner being smart but pretty. If you are not one of the women who only aim to the attention and you insist on being valued for your virtues, choose stylish and balanced clothing.

Every woman knows the advantages and disadvantages she has physically speaking, and here come the many mistakes. Many ladies aiming to enchant the man on the first date achieve the opposite result. Why? Because they are not aware that a serious man would not be impressed by an ultra-short skirt, wide-opened neckline, too much makeup, high heels and extensions.

It has turned into a fashion tendency in the last years but impresses only the shallow men and women. If you go dressed like that on a first date there is a great chance for it to be the last. To keep the attention of a man it is necessary to show him how pretty can a woman be without showing her body.

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Choose your clothing depending on the place where the event will be held. If you have an arrangement at a formal restaurant, do not make the mistake to put on a formal suite, this way you will look strict and unnatural. It is not a business meeting.

For such a place most appropriate would be a simple dress, combined with a pair of stylish shoes. Through such wear you will underline your femininity but you will not overdo.

If you think of going to the movies (in fact it is not that appropriate for first dates) put on sports-elegant wear. Pair of jeans, stylish jacket and nice shoes are a perfect combination. All this combined with a simple makeup, light perfume and a nice sense of humor will win you a second date.

Never use too much accessories! Wear a stylish watch, a gentle necklace, bracelet or just a pair of nice earrings. Avoid putting all of this at once. Too many accessories look distasteful.

Apart from the appearance you can keep the man’s attention through your talkativeness. When he asks you questions avoid short answers as YES and NO, this could be interpreted in a wrong way by your partner.


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