Dress code – office wear


In a certain moment of life we all our calling. When starting work except with the excellent preparation and skills we should charm our employer and with our clothing. This is extremely important nowadays and the expression “clothes make the first impression” is entirely true.

What clothes should you wear in order to feel fine and create an impression of a professional? We will offer you some useful advices in case you are not familiar with the office wear rules.

The designers in the recent years use imaginative patterns and bright colors. We can say that very few of the fashion collections are suitable for the office. When you choose your wardrobe for work make sure you have enough classical trousers or medium length skirts. This length considered for the most suitable for the office. Miniskirts may suit you perfectly but never risk showing like this in front of your boss. Otherwise you risk losing his respect as well as the respect of the others from your office. For the pants the rule is the same. Never wear too short or too tight pants. No matter how much you like it at the office there are some rules regarding the clothing. Wear stylish suits and classical colors, this way you will look great for sure.

The colors are dark and the lines are clear. Probably sometimes this seems like the most boring clothing on earth. And maybe you are right. In order not to feel depressed by the clothes you wear, add a fresh accent to the strict suit. Accessories are your solution in this moment. A scarf in a nice warm color will keep you in good mood all day long. A set of stylish jewelry is also appropriate. But do not overuse them. A beautiful ring and a bracelet or a simple necklace with earrings. Theсe accessories will underline your femininity but keep your business vision.

Shoes are an essential part of the clothing of a business lady. If you want your career to go up, the shoes you go to work with make a great impression. In addition with a nice suit you will attract the looks of everybody at the office. Probably you will be the employee who is most often at business meetings. Clients judge the companies’ success by the employees representing it.

The purpose of your shoes is to always be noticed but not too much. They should be elegant, feminine… Never too kitschy and never too bright. Forget about all kinds of opened shoes as sandals and flip-flops. Wear closed shoes from natural materials. They will provide you with the necessary comfort during the day. High heels? Yes, but not too high. Slim heels with medium heights are most appropriate as addition to your office wear. You can wear flat shoes but only in combination with loose, plain pants. Pay special attention to the boots if you want to wear such at the office. Wear very formal, black ones with high heels without any additions or hanging elements. The length is to the knee and nothing more.

As you understand the dress code of the office wear is full of tricks. If you do not pay enough attention to every part of your clothing you risk embarrassing yourself. The elegant appearance and your communication skills are enough to confirm your position and why not even achieve more in your career.



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