Cinderella in the fashion world – the new old hair accessories

Image: ©Andrey Kiselev/Fotolia

If you want to look perfect, to have a complete appearance, to put a stress on your image, then use hair accessories. Ribbons and tiaras are now very fashionable and are the perfect accessories for your hair. These decorations can be perfectly combined with all types of clothing, they give sensuality, freshness, style and tenderness to your overall appearance.

I remember when I was little, I loved to put a small ribbon in my hair or wear a simple black tiara. This passion I have now as well. With the only difference that now I manage to combine them at the work place, to a dinner with friends or just when I’m at home. There are many variations of various fabrics, tons of colors and varieties you can use to add uniqueness and originality, because these charming accessories are appropriate for all types of wear – sports, sports and elegant, and entirely formal.

Image: ©nyul/Fotolia

Ribbons and tiaras are those almost forgotten by the grown-ups accessories, because they are in the mind of most people, a symbol of childhood and kids. It is true but at the same time it is a myth. These decorations are extremely appropriate for people of arts, people who are sick and tired of following the gray everyday life and live and dress per template, to live according to the set rules, for people who want to be different and unique. The large variety of ribbons and tiaras manages to create originality. All colors are used – white, black, green, pink, purple, brown, gray, yellow, orange, blue. Velvet, lace, tulle and satin are the most commonly used fabrics for the making of these decorations. There are various variations of motives – floral, animal prints, squared, dotted. Tiaras can be simple but can also have a ribbon, and the ribbons can be with an accent of stones or glitter. Both types of accessories are absolutely usable in the everyday life – at your work place, at school, on a date, even on your wedding day.

Tiaras and ribbons are one of the eternal hair accessories which remained forgotten two decades ago but now return to the fashion market. The variety of fabrics, colors and stones is able to satisfy your every caprice for every occasion. Give yourselves a charmingly pretty and complete vision and be unique with these beautiful and fresh hair accessories, because they help to establish the overall image and your good mood.



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