How to clean stains from clothes

Cleaning stains from clothes can sometimes be a true challenge for the housewives. Among the most difficult stains to remove are those from fat and wine. Here is how to deal with some of the most stubborn: How to remove chocolate stains Chocolate stains which most mothers have dealt with you can clean ... Continue Reading →

How to choose the perfect sports bra?

Eight of ten women wear inappropriate sports bras. First the type of bra is determined and based on the sports you are in. For example, tight bras keep the breasts near the chest and limit their movement. They’re appropriate for ladies with smaller breasts (A and B) and for sports where their movement ... Continue Reading →

The art of dressing

The art of dressing and being elegant depends on the skill to choose the color, the silhouette, the fabric, the style of clothing. Every person has his own style of wear which is in harmony with the character, the figure, the profession or the occupation he has. Copying models without being in line ... Continue Reading →

Ladies blouses for spring

Blouses are amongst the most functional clothes. Depending on the model, they can be combined with ladies pants, jeans and skirts and to form a different appearance. At the same time the various fabrics they are made of allow the ladies blouses to be worn in the different seasons. Designers often experiment ... Continue Reading →

Eleven fashion advices for men and how to improve your appearance

1. The right size The most dramatic change in your style is to make sure everything fits perfectly. Most people wear clothes that are too big for their figure. Make sure also that everything you wear is not too tight. 2. Change your idea of casual style Casual but it should not be boring. Wear shirts ... Continue Reading →

Is the white color appropriate in winter?

White clothes we link to the spring – summer season, the sun, the sea, light dresses, blouses and pants. Really, to walk in the snow in a white coat and boots is not the best possible decision, but it is unfair to ignore the white color on our clothes for four months. Still some white clothes are ... Continue Reading →
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