Appropriate outfit for an interview

Image: ©Kurhan/Fotolia

You have an appointment for an interview and you do not know what to wear? This is a common problem… The golden rule is not to overuse anything. It is good to have a nice manicure but it should not be long or in a bright color. Nobody will blame you for wearing your favorite high heels but do not forget what impression you want to leave in your eventual future employers. It is nice the heel of the shoe not to be over 7 cm especially if you are at an interview for a serious position and the clothing is really important.

It is good to think in advance what the dress code is at the company. If when you first walk in you leave an impression that you are part of the organization, what you say and show will be accepted more deeply and seriously. Always avoid blouses with inappropriate necklines or too short skirts. As for the skirts – it is best their length not to be shorter than four fingers below the knee, so you can create an impression of aesthetic style and at the same time not to feel uncomfortable when you decide to sit down.

The colors that you use should be coordinated with the position you are applying for. In fields as law, the clothing is strictly set and the neutral colors as gray, beige and black are preferable. If you aim to work at an advertising agency you can be braver because it is supposed that the people in this profession are more creative, active and are interested in the different and experimental things.

The image you create when entering the room for the interview can ease you in your communication or it can play a bad joke on you, so be careful. Before coming out of your home look at yourself carefully in the mirror – it is good your whole appearance to be clean, with a light perfume, no excessive jewelry and accessories (they distract the attention) and with an elegant hairstyle depending on your preferences.

And do not forget – appearance can ease you but most important is to shine with brains and professionalism. 



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