The appearance is most important for the first impression

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The business label is an economic necessity, a fact. The way we dress, act and speak in the business environment is as important as the skills we have.
For positions requiring direct contact with clients the good attitude is as important as the education and experience. The inappropriate and inadequate behavior can cause serious negatives for you and your professional development.

In the different fields the contemporary businesswomen have different style. And that is how it is supposed to be. It is a bad taste if a lawyer is dressed as a fashion magazine publisher or an owner of a spa hotel. Every field or more precisely every occupation has its own dress code.

Why it is important to keep a style of dressing in the office ambiance?
It is not only important, it is mandatory. Some women wonder why nobody treats them like professionals. This is because their way of dressing makes them look “unprofessional” and the impression they leave is namely this. The appearance is the most important thing for creating a good first impression.

Should our wardrobe depend on the level we are at in the corporate hierarchy?
The wardrobe depends most on our corporate culture. If there is a specific dress code in the company it should be kept. The hierarchy is not determining for how we should dress. True is the statement “get dressed for the job you want to have not the one you have”.

Which are the main things a businesswoman should know about the label – for example – are gloves taken off when handshaking, what is the fashion in the hats and sunglasses and so on
Yes, gloves are always taken off, the hat not, but hats are no longer an accessory to the clothing. In these cold winter days the hats we wear outside and to the moment we take off our coat. It is high time we understand that glasses should not be used as tiara. In the moment we enter a room they are immediately taken off and put in the bag. It’s a law. If you are on the street, handshaking with somebody, it is recommended you take off your glasses. The person opposite to you would be glad to see your eyes…

What is the right behavior at company parties, what should we never forget?
At company parties we act the same way we act at the office. There is no difference, we do not “loosen up”. We’ve seen everything… The comments on the next day are endless, there is always something to keep in mind for the others, if we were dressed more freely or had more than a glass of wine…, we can ruin our image in a blink of an eye. With men it is different, we are used to not paying so much attention at their behavior. We excuse them with “they embarrassed themselves but they do their job well…”. For a woman you’ll hear more different things as “poor she, she must have real troubles…” or “I can’t believe she can drink so much…”

Should our clothing be affected by whether we meet business partners and clients every day or we work at a desk?
The appearance is not affected by our meetings. We are at work so it is necessary to abide by the rules there, i.e. not always be perfect in the clothing as well as in the behavior.

When we have a work day on Saturday, can we allow more casual clothing?
No, if we are not explicitly informed of the possibility.

Which are the main rules when selecting clothes, accessories and makeup that working ladies should abide by?
For traditional professions of lawyers, bankers, financiers, accountants and other, required is traditional business clothing consisting of conservative dark suits in classical style. The message you must send with the clothing is: authority, conservatism, competence.

For activities related to teaching, real estate brokers, in medical fields, in social fields the good choice of clothes is when they underline your competence and at the same time they do not present you threateningly. The appropriate clothing consists of two parts (skirt and a top or pants and a shirt), no jacket and of high quality. The message you send is to be confident, easily accessible and intelligent person.

For fields like advertising, fashion, art, journalism, the clothing is good to be expressible. It should consist of three parts as for the third part select an appropriate scarf, tie or interesting jewelry. The message you send with such clothing is: creativity, uniqueness, contemporary.
The everyday makeup is mandatory. There is no woman yet born who is more pretty without makeup than with makeup. Of course it should be decent (light and according to the clothes).
The accessories should be few so that they are not stressed. It is good they to be a compliment to the clothing.

Watch people in the eyes while having a conversation. Keep your hands on the table where they could be seen all the time. Try not to touch your face or hair during the talk. Smile often. Finally thank for the time and handshake again.



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