A few ways to cover the belly

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How many are the women who suffer from the fact that their belly is not in a perfect shape? And instead of enjoying yourself and attracting the eye, it seems that it is “rising up” and is shamefully displayed here and there.

Calm down, the answer is “many”. Many women have a similar problem, but if you do not feel calm enough, know that there are typically ladies ways to outsmart the intruder. Of course, by putting on decent and appropriate clothes. See some suggestions designed to conceal this obvious flaw.

Loose top with elastic below the waist

It is about blouses tight around the bust, loose around the belly and with an elastic part bellow. They underline the breasts and hide the belly. This is one of the best visual illusions helping to cover the belly.

“Hug me” –type dresses

They are also a good choice. The hug me cut visually distracts the attention from the problematic area by adding to the torso a V shape. Chose a bright model with interesting prints to enhance the effect.

Corset or shaping underwear

Although it is the most efficient way to deal with the problem, wearing corsets or shaping underwear is very uncomfortable. Use them only for special occasions such as cocktails (when it is necessary to fit into an elegant dress).

Tight coat.

Do not wear loose coats because even if you think they will hide your belly – they have the opposite effect. They make you look even bigger. Instead, wear a blazer that narrows the waist.

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Tops Empire-type waist

The good thing about the Empire-type tops is that the waist is below the chest, the remaining part of the fabric falls loosely below covering the fat.

Avoid pants with accents on the waistline

Throw away any pants or jeans with many ornaments, pockets, ribbons, belts on the waistline or with a high waistline as well. All those things attract the attention to the problematic area. Stick to the simple models with low waistline.

Choose the right fabrics

Tight and elastic fabrics are not your friend. Choose a fabric such as cotton which does not stick ergo does not underline the belly.

Never tuck your clothes.

If there are still people that tuck their clothes – please stop! Especially if you have something to hide. Allow your top to fall loosely on the pants and in this way to extend your torso.

Stick to your size

Keep in mind the structure of your body! If you wear too tight clothes they will only sharpen the problem, too loose clothes say you are desperately trying to hide something. Stick to your own size.



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