A coat according to the figure

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As much as we feel cold, the temperatures will become even lower, so the leather jackets and raincoats are no longer warm enough – it is time for coats. If you want to get what’s new this season we advise you not to follow the fashion trends blindly. Not every cut, no matter how fashionable, fits well on any figure.

We provide you with a short guide on how to find the appropriate coat according to your figure.

Greet the cold months with style!

Sandglass figure

The key to finding the perfect coat for you is to choose a style that emphasizes but not hides your best features. Buy a single-breasted model with a flared bottom and a thick belt which to show your slender waist.


Because you are short choose something that will not cover you completely. The length should be to the thighs. Avoid super dramatic decorations – instead select bright colors.

Pear-shape body

Choose a large, interesting collar so you can attract attention to the shoulders and neckline. The straight shape of this coat can also help you balance the wider lower part of your body.

Large breasts

Stay away of double-breasted models. Instead choose extended cuts with V-shaped neckline that balance the vision.

Short torso

Coats of this type are not only fashionable but they suit different figures. This shape with long rears will help you visually extend the torso. Only don’t forget to choose a model that is not that much longer so you can show your long legs.

Wide shoulders like swimmers

Forget the structured coats where you cannot fit your wide shoulders. Wear coats with soft shoulders and wider rears.


When you choose a coat it’s best to avoid cuts underlining the widest parts of your body. This model forms an A-shape which will not attract attention to your belly.

Slender physique, ballerina type

Your tall and slender figure is perfect for tight coats. Choose a funnel-type collar to put a stress on your perfect body.

Wide hips

Asymmetric cut is very appropriate because it’s created to enclose the body. It covers the wider parts as much as possible.

Short legs

Maybe not all of us think about our legs when it comes to coats but if you have shorter ones there is a way to extend them visually. Choose a model that covers the hips and has a belt that underlines the natural bodyline. High waist creates the illusion of longer legs.


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