5 current trends in the sunglasses. Part 2

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The materials are important


Metal or plastic? Transparent polyamide! The Swiss natural material Grilamid TR 90 Natural is considered the material of the future. The glasses made of it at first glance are similar to the plastic ones even when it comes to the price. In fact these glasses are lighter than those made of titanium or stainless steel.

They have antiallergic, antibacterial properties – do not contain the main causes of allergies and other illnesses such as Bisphenol or Bisphenol A (BPA), extremely strong and yet elastic. They are not influenced by the external conditions and UV-rays.

It is noteworthy the presence of “memory effect” – the frame always returns to its original position, even after strong bending or twisting. This material is also “warm” as the natural corneous material and provides a high degree of comfort.

The solar and dioptric frames that are made from the high quality material Grilamid TR 90 Natural are outstanding. The comfort and lightness of the framework would impress anyone who needs to wear glasses daily – from 10-12 grams for the children’s models to 15-17 grams in the models for adults.



The shapes are retro


In terms of the forms are not forthcoming any innovations in the new season. Many of the prominent designers even say that nowadays it is practically impossible to create something new in the design with glasses. Therefore, they are turning to the past and “cite” the classics.

The main trends will use lines, invented in the 20s and 30s of last century. The enormous frames already took also the market for dioptric glasses. As for the solar, most current are the “aviator” and “cat” frames.

The ageless model “wayfarer” will also be topical. The interesting thing about it is that it is the best selling model of sunglasses since it entered the market in 1952. Namely it caused a revolution in the perception of society and became a favorite of all generations, regardless of “age”.


Minimalist frames


The minimalism will be topical throughout the year and not only in the interior. The designers dictating the trends in the world of the glasses refrain from the use of any crystals or gemstones. They are rather looking for perfection in the forms and the right combinations of colors and textures. If it is used at all any decoration, it is limited to the placement of screws somewhere in the frame.

In case we need to summarize, the year in the glasses will be both colorful and stylish. There will be something for everyone, and if you hesitate which frames to buy, we will issue a secret.

Look for great deals from the brands offering sunglasses. For example an offer – if you buy one pair, you get 50% discount for a second, etc. In this way you can get comfortable dioptric glasses or modern solar such at very good prices.


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