3 fashion tips from Anna Wintour

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The chief editor of the US edition of the magazine “Vogue” Anna Wintour has long been a lady, with who collate their taste all those who want to look elegant in the workplace.


Anna has proved that when it comes to style, fashion and professionalism she is the right person. Her name inspires courtesy and respect, and her opinion is a law in the fashion world. Anna dictates tendencies, launches designers and her sense for fashion is almost faultless. That is why we suggest her most valuable advice for style:


Color and a lot of print

Anna advises the women who go to work and want to look confidently and professionally, to add to their outfit something in a saturated color. She herself is a big fan of the clothes with colored print. The fashion editor is not afraid to stand out with a dress or skirt, saturated with intense colors.

“Everyone should have at least one colored or patterned garment in their wardrobe. Combine it with monochromatic accessories. The basic clothes may look quite differently when combined with something colorful. ”


The silhouette is important

The fashion trends come and go, but the silhouette that suits you is something permanent, which is transferred from trend to trend. “Find what line fits you best, what shape and size make you feel confident and stylish,” says Anna. It is important to find the clothes that suit the most to your figure. Do not hesitate to buy clothes with a similar cut and style because they will still be relevant even after 10 or 20 years.


Stylish clothes for every budget

There are very expensive fashion brands, but there are also less expensive fashion brands that produce stylish and elegant clothes. Find the brands that suit your personal style and budget. “Fashion is for everyone. I am really happy that there are brands such as “Gap” for example, that make fashion affordable for the general public without compromising on the quality and design, “says the fashion icon.


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