14 fashion promises which to keep in 2016. Part 1

Image: © Mee Ting / Fotolia

The new year is a great reason to try something new, and if you are sick of wearing the same clothes and stick to the same fashion rules, now is the time to enter the diversity in your wardrobe! Let us live out 2016 stylish with several fashion promises which we can follow very easily.


Do not be afraid of the colors

If your wardrobe is full of safe options in black, white, gray and navy blue, make 2016 the year in which to thrive in more powerful and expressed shades. We are not saying that you should dress colorful from head to toe, but try to bring a little color with a bag, belt or necklace, and later enter vivid nuances in your clothes. Before you realize it you will go out with a bright yellow jacket and head held high.


Wear high heels more often

If you have 5 or more pairs of high heels, waiting in the corner of your closet for a special occasion that never comes, now is the time to enter them into your daily life. If your excuse is that your feet hurt, you have two options: put them on in the days when you will not stand straight for long (and hold flat shoes for an emergency in your purse) or reconcile with the fact that you will never wear them and throw them away. There is nothing wrong to keep 1-2 pairs of each case, but if you accumulate piles of shoes that you never put on, it is time to reconcile and to dispose of them.


Do not save your clothes for special occasions

If you love a particular garment there is no sense to wear it only once a year. And although the long dresses and sequins are not suitable for everyday in most cases, many evening dresses can be dressed more frequently if you do it wisely. Put on flat shoes, dress a denim jacket and pick up a sports handbag and impress all your colleagues and friends.


Buy less discount offers

Everybody loves discounts and the opportunity to dress fashionable for little money. But if your wardrobe is full of cheap purchases, the labels of which are not yet removed, things have to change. We are not saying that you should avoid the discounts, but before you buy something, consider whether you will wear it more than once before you head toward the cashier. It is worth only if you wear it, otherwise the money could be used for something more practical.


Invest in a bit of luxury

Is it worth carrying a bag for 300 dollars? Probably not, but if you work hard to earn your money, you should not feel bad when you treat yourself. Make sure that what you buy is really qualitative and the joy of wearing it will be worth all the money you gave for it. But if you can not pay the rent because of your new purchase, that’s another matter. The haute couture can wait, and there are so many beautiful alternatives at lower prices.


Let your coat be the main focus

We live in our coat during most of the winter, but if you wear a boring but practical coat, you are missing the pleasure of the fashion. Think of your coat as your most important fashion acquisition and buy something because of which you will look forward to the bad weather.


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