14 fashion promises which to keep in 2016. Part 2

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Wear something that scares you

A cloak, cropped blouse, suspenders, overalls… this garment that has always impressed you, but you have been afraid to buy should find a place in your closet in 2016. We do not offer you to wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable, but the next time you shop, at least try something that has scared you so far. You might be surprised how well it looks on you!


Learn to mix prints and textures

The combination of prints and / or textures is something people from the fashion world speak of constantly, but how often we do it in real life? Now is the time! This is the most difficult trick for the street fashion – to combine two contrasting clothes without looking like you have dressed in the dark. The key point is to stick to simple colors, to balance them and make sure that one print or texture is small enough and neutral. Start with contrasting blouse and shoes that allow you put on jeans or a black skirt. When you are confident in your skills, try something more daring. Experiment!


Renew up your underwear

Your outfit will never look great if you wear a grizzled bra and old panties underneath. So stop postponing and go to the appropriate lingerie shop where the shop assistants will recommend you the correct size and treat yourself with new underwear. No need to have to spend a lot – stop on what fits you and makes you feel good and make sure you have appropriate underwear for all your outfits. Regarding the colors it is best to stick to the bodily colors, if your budget is low – you can wear bodily bra under a black blouse, but you can not wear a black bra under a white, right?


Experiment with retro style

We are not talking about the voluminous ball gowns from the 50 or the pads from the 80s. But it’s worth throwing a look at the retro accessories or the clothes from difficult to combine fabrics such as suede and leather in the second hand shops, online stores and auctions. Or see inside the wardrobe of your mother or grandmother – the 70s are back in fashion this season and there is no better time to get clothes from this amazingly stylish period.


Take better care of your clothes

If you always leave the dressing for the last moment and rapidly throw your crumpled clothes in the crowded wardrobe, you do not give them the due respect. Arrange your closet in such a way that you always see what you need. Be ruthless when disposing the unnecessary rags and free space for the things you really wear. Resist the temptation to keep them “just in case” unless you really do have enough space. Once your closet is arranged, make sure you always clean your clothes properly – read the labels, separate them by color, take some of them for dry cleaning and store them properly.


Go back to basics sometimes

No matter how fun it is to experiment with the fashion trends, colors, textures, prints and accessories, sometimes you want to be more simple. A classical outfit in black and white can be just as stylish as a coat with prints or colorful shoes. Do not hesitate to return to the basics when you feel overwhelmed by fashion. This is also a perfect look for a job interview or an important meeting.


Purchase inspirational sports clothing

There are millions of reasons not to go to the gym, but let the lack of appropriate clothing not be one of them. The sports goods have never looked cooler than now and there are plenty of great (and affordable) garments that can motivate you to burn calories. Pamper yourself with sports clothes that make you feel excited and throw away the disheveled leggings and the stretched sports bra in the garbage.


Shop from new places

We all have favorite brands and stores, but the next time that you are looking for an outfit, go to a store or website from which you have not shopped before. Often the best purchases come from unexpected places, and the expansion of the shopping horizons is the best way to insert a little freshness in your wardrobe. Think about that also when you are on vacation and visit the shops that you would not encounter in your city.


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