12 ways to look more slender at the beach

Image: © Alena Ozerova / Fotolia

The summer is already here and the question of the appearance at the beach is becoming more urgent. Even if you have not managed to lose those few extra pounds and have not achieved your dream flat belly, do not give up on the sea waves and the relaxing sunbathing at the beach.


We will reveal the tricks with which you will look a lot more slender while you are enjoying your summer adventures. Look at them and stack up with confidence:


Artificial tan

Since we are not supporters of the solarium, we recommend you the various options of spray tan as a safer alternative. The well hydrated skin of your tanned legs will make them visually thinner and longer.


Top with one strap

This V-neck is playful and shows a moderate amount of flesh. It raises the bust. Swimsuit with one strap is suitable for ladies with large and for women with small breasts precisely because of the lifting effect. If you choose a whole swimsuit you will look even more slender and conceal the belly.


Shine, shine

Have you noticed that the models of swimwear always have glowing skin? Add extra shine through sunscreen or oil with glare. This will attract more sunshine to your skin, so use products with a high protection factor.



The high ponytail makes the neck visually longer and slimmer. Choose the ponytail instead of the bun because it will make you look more slender and tall.



The bigger the patterns on your clothes, the bigger you will look. The same applies and to the swimsuits. If you prefer prints, choose a model with small patterns in order to look thinner.



If you choose platform sandals for the beach you will look more slender and thin. The confident gait that gives the height will make you irresistible.


Dark swimsuit

Every lady knows that the black color makes you look slim. The same is true and for the swimsuits.


Workout before the beach

After a workout your muscles are outlined and you look more athletic. So consider our proposal before the beach to visit the gym. The training will give you a dose of confidence, and we all know that confidence is sexy.


Reduce the salt

The overuse of salt leads to water retention and swelling. Stop the salt at least a week before you appear at the beach in order your body to be able to get rid of the excess weight gained by water retention.


Beach dress

Take care of your vision with an airy beach dress that will make you more elegant. The dark colors will help you look more slender.



The silhouette of the swimsuit has to make the figure slimmer in the waistline through the use of black color. The brightest tone of the fabric has to be located in the chest, which makes it look bigger and attracts the attention to that part of the body. If you want your breasts to look bigger bet on a model with a top with ruffles which will add volume.



Stand straight and with your head up in order to look a bit slimmer, taller, and most importantly – more confident!


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